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YALES2 Training Session

Place: CORIA lab, Rouen & online
Date: 29-31 of March 2022
Time: Day 1 (14:00-18:00 CET), Day 2 (9:30-18:00 CET), Day 3 (9:30-18:00 CET)





YALES2 aims at the solving of two-phase combustion from primary atomization to pollutant prediction on massive complex meshes. It is able to handle efficiently unstructured meshes with several billions of elements, thus enabling the Direct Numerical Simulation and Large-Eddy Simulation of laboratory and semi-industrial configurations. The recent developments are focused on the dynamic mesh adaptation of tetrahedral-based massive meshes for fronts and interfaces.


This training session targets researchers and engineers interested in learning YALES2 and/or the numerical methodologies developed in YALES2: solving for incompressible turbulent flows, two-phase flows, dynamic mesh adaptation, etc.


More information about YALES2 can be found here.


Instructors: Vincent Moureau (CNRS), Ghislain Lartigue (CNRS), Pierre Bénard (INSA of Rouen)




Day 1: 29 March 2022

14:00 – 18:00: Introduction

* general presentation of YALES2 and the SUCCESS scientific group

* collaborative development platform (git, gitlab, wiki, doxygen, …)

Day 2: 30 March 2022

9:30 – 12:00: Incompressible solver (ICS)

* main parameters (restart, dump, postproc dumps, stats, probes, temporals, scalars, …)

* practice: isothermal flow tutorial

14:00 – 18:00: Numerical methods

* code structure and quality control

* finite-volume schemes

* integration of the Navier-Stokes equations at low-Mach number

* linear systems

Day 3: 31 March 2022

9:30 to 12:00: Variable-density low-Mach number solver (VDS)

* description

* combustion models: tabulated and finite-rate chemistry

* practice: Rayleigh-Taylor test case, simple flames

* dynamic mesh adaptation

14:00 to 18:00: Interface and other solvers

* coding

* Lagrangian, level set, spray solvers, linear acoustics, heat transfer solver, …

* practice: corresponding AVVTs


Registration: Please send an email to to express your interest in joining this training session. For online participants, a Zoom link will be provided.