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Methods and models for the LES of turbulent combustion training session

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Methods and models for the LES of turbulent combustion




Place: Online via Webex


Date: Monday December 20, 2021


Time: 10:00-12:00  CET (UTC +1)




Large Eddy Simulation (LES) has emerged as a powerful numerical approach to describe turbulent reacting flows in complex geometries with good accuracy. LES is able to provide reliable predictive solutions of both academic and real industrial systems, and gives new insight into the underlying physical phenomena. In this lecture, after a rapid overview of the physics and challenges of turbulent combustion, a review of the available modelling approaches will be presented. This will include models for turbulence, two-phase flows, flames, and heat transfer. Application to aeronautic propulsion will be used to illustrate LES results.


Lecturer: Benedicte Cuenot, Team Leader, Senior researcher, Head of Combustion group, CERFACS.


Agenda: One 2-hour lecture on methods and models for the LES of turbulent combustion. It is the first course as a part of a series of lectures on LES for applications. The rest of the courses will be organised in 2022 and followed by a workshop for practical application.


Target audience: Master and Ph.D. students, engineers, and researchers.


Prerequisites: Knowledge in Fluid Mechanics.


Course outcomes: Knowledge on turbulent combustion and LES modelling


Registration: Please send an email to to express your interest in attending this training session.