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Methods and models for the LES for turbomachinery training session

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Methods and models for the LES of Turbomachinery




Place: Online via Webex


Date: Monday, 24 January 2022


Time: 15:00 to 17:00  CET




Large Eddy Simulation (LES) has very early on been identified as a major step forward by the CFD research community when it comes to simulating turbulent flows. This is typically illustrated by the massive use and transition of the turbulent reacting flow community and its use in industrial applications. The turbomachinery community has partly been lagging behind mainly due to the specificity of these types of flow but transition is on-going. The present lecture proposes to detail the pros and cons of a LES approach in this specific context highlighting the need for care especially in terms of turbulence modeling while approaching walls. In particular, the two formalisms present in LES and that are the Wall-Resolved LES (WRLES) and Wall-Modeled LES (WMLES) approaches will be detailed, illustrations the applications being provided.


Lecturer: L.Y.M. Gicquel




Part 1: Introduction and modeling

Part 2: Applications. Time for questions will be accommodated as we go through the lecture.


Target audience: Ph.D. students, engineers interested in the modeling and simulation of fundamental as well as complex turbulent flows


Prerequisites: No particular one (knowledge of CFD could help)


Course outcomes: State-of-the-art of LES modeling strategies applied to turbomachinery flows, potential improvement provided by such simulations in an industrial context.


Registration: Please send an email to to express your interest in attending this training session.