BACK 25/05/2022

Gaseous flame explosions in safety applications: from fundamentals to Large Eddy Simulation

Place: Online via Webex

Date: May 25th, 2022

Time: 14:00 CEST (UTC +2)


During the explosion of a premixed gas cloud, the main issue is the pressure increase (the so-called overpressure) which controls the severity of the explosion and its impact on surrounding structures. These phenomena are difficult to predict since they result from a complex and fully unsteady interaction between flame propagation, turbulence and geometry. They occur over a large spectrum of spatio-temporal scales and turbulent combustion regimes. In this lecture, an overview of combustion wave propagation regimes, acceleration and transition mechanisms will be presented in the context of gaseous explosion. The second part will be dedicated to simulation strategies for these type of phenomena, specifically focused on Large Eddy Simulation. It will include both modeling aspects (subgrid turbulence chemistry interaction etc.) and numerical aspects (numerics, shock stabilization, adaptive mesh refinement etc.) that are central in explosion simulations.


Lecturer: Thomas Jaravel and Olivier Vermorel, Senior Researchers, CERFACS


Agenda:  One 2-hour lecture on fundamental of gaseous explosions, recalling fundamentals of explosion physics and exploring specific aspects of Large Eddy Simulation for this type of applications.


Target audience: Master and Ph.D. students, engineers, and researchers.


Prerequisites: Knowledge in Fluid Mechanics, Compressible Aerodynamics, Combustion.


Course outcomes: Knowledge on explosion phenomena, flame acceleration mechanisms and LES of explosions


Registration: Please send an email to  to express your interest in attending this training session.