BACK 07/10/2021

CERFACS´s 2021 Joseph Fourier Prize win validates CoEC research on hydrogen combustion

CERFACS´s role in CoEC is focused largely on the development of the AVBP code, which is used to study hydrogen combustion in gas turbine engines. Hydrogen is an interesting element in the decarbonisation research because it offers no CO2 production and even when it is mixed with classical fossil fuels it helps the stabilisation of leaner and greener flames.

CERFACS´s recent 2021 Joseph Fourier Prize win, awarded by Atos and GENCI, was in the scope of H2OPE, a project that, via the LES AVBP code, models at high resolution a mixed combustion process associating conventional fuels with hydrogen (bi-fuels) as one of the most promising technical solutions to achieve “net zero emissions” of CO2 in the industrial sector. This supports the work of CoEC because it is a big step in validating the modeling and applications of AVBP to hydrogen combustion.

“We are very happy to have won this award,” said Laurent Gicquel, a member of the CERFACS AVBP team. “AVBP is a very important code used in decarbonisation research and this with this validation of the code´s processes, we are ensuring our work within CoEC is going in the right direction.”