Here are some of our upcoming events and information about where you can find us next.


39th International Symposium on Combustion

CoEC project coordinator Daniel Mira (BSC) presents a topical review on numerical methods and HPC at the 39th International Symposium on Combustion, which takes place in Vancouver, Canada on 24-29 July 2022.
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Methods and models for the LES of turbulent combustion training session

In this lecture, after a rapid overview of the physics and challenges of turbulent combustion, a review of the available modelling approaches will be presented. This will include models for turbulence, two-phase flows, flames, and heat transfer. Application to aeronautic propulsion will be used to illustrate LES results.
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Numerical methods for Large Eddy Simulation

The objective of the training is twofold: firstly, to understand the fundamental principles of Large-Scale Simulations for compressive reactive two-phase flows: numerical methods, boundary conditions, LES approach and closure models for LES, combustion as well as two-phase flows through theoretical courses; on the other hand, to learn how to use the AVBP code on the perimeter of two-phase reactive flows through tutorials supervised by experts of the code.
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74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics

CoEC researcher Lukas Berger (RWTH) presents the talk “Intrinsic Flame Instabilities in Turbulent Premixed Hydrogen Flames: A DNS Study” at the 74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, which takes place on 21-23 November in Phoenix, Arizona.…
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YALES2 training session

This training session targets researchers and engineers interested in learning YALES2 and/or the numerical methodologies developed in YALES2: solving for incompressible turbulent flows, two-phase flows, dynamic mesh adaptation, etc.
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Combura 2021 Symposium

CoEC partner Gabriela Sanchez from Eindhoven University of Technology presents a poster titled “Analysis of preferential diffusion behavior in turbulent premixed hydrogen combustion” at the Combura 2021 Symposium on 11 November 2021.
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