Here are some of our upcoming events and information about where you can find us next.


GPPS Chania22

CoEC partner Daniel Mira (BSC) presents “Influence of Axial Air Injection on the Flame Stability of a Technically Premixed Hydrogen Flame” at the Global Power & Propulsion Technical Conference (GPPS Chania22) which takes place in Chania, Greece on 12-14 July 2022.
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39th International Symposium on Combustion

CoEC project coordinator Daniel Mira (BSC) presents a topical review on numerical methods and HPC at the 39th International Symposium on Combustion, which takes place in Vancouver, Canada on 24-29 July 2022.
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Salvatore Iavarone (UCAM) presents “Incompletely Stirred Reactor Network Modeling for the Estimation of Turbulent Non-Premixed Autoignition” at the 28 International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) which takes place in Naples, Italy on 19-24 June 2022.
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Forum Teratec 2022

CoEC partners Vincent Moureau (CORIA) and Gabriel Staffelbach (CERFACS) will represent the project at the Europa Village section of Forum Teratec 2022 on 14-15 June 2022.
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GeorgiaTech Combustion Webinar

Daniel Mira (BSC) presents “High-fidelity simulation of multi-physics processes in aeronautical combustors” at the Georgia Tech Combustion Webinar which takes place on 14 May 2022.  
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18th International Conference on Numerical Combustion

CoEC partners will chair four sessions at the 18th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, which takes place 8-11 May 2022 in San Diego, California, USA.   Daniel Mira (BSC) will chair the session “High-Performance Computing” on 10 May 2022 at…
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